Dont just take our word for it!

3 years of Sciatica to Dancing at her wedding!  Having tried everything under the sun Lana was at wits end until she found our facility. After sticking to her recommendations and having a great positive attitude she reached her goal of dancing at her wedding!


Having a very strenuous lifestyle can really affect your quality of  life.  When Sean started to feel upper back pain and tingling down his  arms, he turned to chiropractic. Sean had been suffering for a number of  weeks but within a short time after he sought treatment with Dr. Birk,  he was cleared  


An Amazing story of the power of chiropractic. High level athelete with  back pain who not only got relief but also got pregnant in the process!  The Nervous system is the master system, when it is not functioning at  optimal levels, organs are not functioning at optimal levels.  Chiropractic restores the integrity of the nervous system and thus organ  function. 

 Sabina had been suffering from chronic back pain for 25 years. Being a  nurse, her symptoms are aggravated as she is constantly standing and  sitting for long hours.  After visiting the office, Sabina felt at ease  about her treatment as Dr. Birk explained step by step what was needed  to improve her quality of life.  After her first treatment, she immediately felt  better and more aligned.