What Causes Neck pain?

Neck Pain - Chiropractor in Vaughan, Ontario


Many different issues can cause neck pain. Here are some of the most notable causes:

• Injuries from car accidents, sports/activities, or slip-and-falls
• Issues with spinal discs in the neck or upper back
• Arthritis in the neck, back or shoulders
• Poor posture at work or home
• Inadequate support while sleeping
• Carrying uneven or heavy loads
• Diseases of the spine, nerves, or muscles in the neck or upper back

How do we diagnose Neck pain?

The first step is always a thorough history, we need to know what you've been through to get you where you want.    

Neck pain is tricky because it can originate in your neck,  upper back, or even your shoulders. So the next thing we want to do  is locate the source of your neck pain.

We do this by conducting a hands-on examination. After we identify  the movements that are causing your pain, we’ll examine the muscles and  ligaments in the affected area.

If necessary, we’ll use Digital X-Ray to take pictures of  your neck. These images can be used to confirm a diagnosis or rule out  causes before finalizing a treatment plan.

Neck Problems - Chiropractor in Vaughan, Ontario

Neck Problems - Chiropractor in Vaughan, Ontario

How do we treat Neck Pain?

Chiropractor in Vaughan, Ontario - Neck Adjustment

Spinal adjustments

Specific, gentle realignment of the spine using hands on, droptable, and instrumentation to open nerves that may be the true cause of your pain.

Therapeutic Exercises

Specific to your condition and long term improvement, exercises will be done in office and at home to strengthen your body and spine into a new healthy version.

Whole body vibration

WBV provides added benefits to your care in better posture, improved circulation, muscle tone, metabolism, bone density and lymphatic drainage.

Denneroll Neck Orthotic

The Cervical Denneroll is a specialized spinal orthotic device that  is primarily used to improve the cervical curvature. Loss of your healthy spinal curves is one of the earliest contributors to poor function and degenerative spinal damage. By creating a specific, focused stretch it can improve movement, relieve muscle tension and assist in the correction of poor spine curves.The Denneroll had been developed through many years of research and is the best on  the market. 

Low Intensity Laser Therapy


Laser Therapy, is a  painless treatment which increases circulation, drawing water, oxygen,  and nutrients to the damaged area which is causing your pain. This  creates an optimal healing environment that reduces inflammation,  swelling, muscles spasms, stiffness and pain. Each treatment of laser  can take anywhere from 5 to 10 minutes. 

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